Autumn myriad of colors ends beautifully year cycle of the fauna. Before all stand naked for the coming of winter, the fauna gave us with its nice Patina an experience to remind in the winther. And when spring sprouts, we forget too quickly the cold and gray winter when we with the expectation are looking forward.

Patina go hand in hand with time. The ravages of time, they say gives patina to everything. Iron rusts and turns red. Copper turns green. Wood darkens. People would rather not admit that they are aging characters, their Patina like wrinkles and gray hair. But it can’t be ignored – but many say that the beauty you have as a young, it will often inwardly with age.

Café Patina has the ambition to pay tribute to the cycle of life, to keep both old and new. Everything has a place in the cycle – like spring and fall in the annual cycle has. Things that have many years behind may get new life instead of being thrown out because it’s got a little Patina. There is always room for the new, but not necessarily at the expense of the old – old and worn-out things can be resurrected at recycling, perhaps in a new feature or just as decoration and a little nostalgic reminder of the time that has passed.

When we talk about food and drink our choices is often on what we know, but we are also curious and would also like to expand our horisont of food sometimes, and if humanity had never been curious, we would not have the good classic dishes, we know. Who got the idea for example to make cheese?

At Café Patina we hope that our customers feel comfortable in cozy surroundings who looks both backwards and forwards in time. We hope you will like what we serve and on the menu you will find good old traditional, especially Greek dishes, but also innovations or something that just is new to you.

Café Patina is run by husband and wife Stella & Erik Christiansen, who is a Greek-Danish marriage which have just passed silver anniversary. After almost 25 years of marriage admittedly got a little patina, but love is never equipped. And that is our love of food and drink either.

Welcome and good appetite!
Kalos orisate kai Kali Orexi!