If you have visited Greece, you probably know some of the classic Greek dishes: Tzatziki, Greek Salad, squash-balls, Saganaki, Tiropita, Moussaka, squid rings and Stifado. And if not, then it is never too late to taste – now at Café Patina. You get home-cooked classic Greek dishes at good old traditional way: good ingredients, prepared with love and taste for food and aesthetic life.






Greek cuisine often includes vegetables and cheese. As you can see on the menu, there are many dishes for vegetarians and vegans. Often one needs no more than a few meze dishes. Try our squash balls with feta cheese and mint or Saganaki, which is a special Greek cheese breaded and fried with lemon.

Greek yoghurt, garlic and cucumber. Served with bread/pita.

Spicy dip with feta, sweet red pepper, garlic boukovo and Greek yoghurt. Served with bread/pita.

The elegant dip, made by baked eggplant, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley and sweet red pepper. Served with bread/pita.

Made of roe from Carps, mashed potatoes, onion and olive oil. Served with pita bread/pita

Served with pita bread/pita

Tomato, herbs, olive oil & cheese

Cypriot olive bread

Served with olive oil and oregano

Squash-balls (3pcs.). Crispy vegetarian fried balls with squash, mint, feta and Graviera cheese. Gluten free(Ex per. ball kr. 20)

Deep-fried squid rings

Fried Kefalotiri cheese with lemon

Spinach pie with herbs and feta

Feta cheese of own import (you can also buy a piece to take home. kr. 16,- per 100 gr.)

Small cup of the lovely Kalamata olives 15

Fried with honney and sesam 59

Feta cheese and herbs in puff pastry

Fried chickpeas balls (3 pcs.) with mint, lemon, garlic, cumin, herbs
Gluten free (Extra per. ball kr. 20)

Greek Dolmades (4 pcs.), stuffed wine leaves with rice, onions
and herbs. Served with lemon.

Tomato, cucumber, red onion, pepper, feta, olives,
vinegar and oliveoil

Green salad with springonions, olives and dressing

Tzatziki, Greek salad, tiropita (feta cheese in puff pastry),
2 squash-balls & bread

Tzatziki, Greek salad, tiropita (feta cheese in puff pastry),
2 squash-balls & bread 139

Tzatziki, Greek salad, spinach pie, 2 squash balls & bread

Octopus, kalamarakia, fried big shrimps, taramosalata and
French fries

Warm giant beans in tomato sauce, 3 dolmades, chickpeas, melitzanosalata & bread

Tzatziki, Greek salad, spinach pie, 2 squash-balls, saganaki, tyrokafteri and cypriotic olivebread

The meat plate with Greek sausages, Greek meatballs, souvlaki meat (tenderloin) and chicken, served with mustard, lemon, tzatziki and pita bread (for two persons: kr. 360,-)


Do not miss the experience of a classic Casserole with meat: ”Stifado” with lots of onions and where the meat used is beef chunk, which becomes tender as butter. Of other cherished meat dishes include: mouth-watering Mousaka, Souvlaki and garlic marinated and grilled lamb. The menu also offers vegetarian dishes.

Stuffed pepper / tomato with rice á la Jaja (Grandmother), baked vegetarian dish

Stuffed eggplant, onion, garlic, tomato and parsley, vegetarian dish

Giant lima beans with tomato, onions, celery, carrots, timian, mint, cinnamon. Served with crushed feta and bread.

Gluten free mousaka with eggplant, squash bechamelsauce and chesse

The legend! Gluten free. Egg-plant, minced beef with bechamelssauce

Greek meatballs. Lamb and pork served with tomato sauce and French fries, pasta or rice

Stew with Greek spicy sausages and pebbers.
Served with bread, rice or pasta

Greek beef stew. Juicy and tender, melt-in-the-mouth beef stifado with a delicious, intense tomato/onion-based sauce.
Served with rice

Tasty Greek chopped steak. Served with pita, tzatziki and homemade fries

Pork or tenderloin or chicken grilled on skewers, served with pita, tzatziki and French fries

Garlic marinated/parsley and grilled lamb, served with tzatziki, lemon & homemade fries


Did you save a little room for the dessert. Greek biscuit cake, walnut cake, cheesecake or homemade ice cream accompanied by a small liquer. Metaxa or Ouzo, Coffee, which we have many variations of.

Stella’s wonderland cake

A dessert that get the Greek gods in mood to dance Zorba

With almond and biscuit base, mascarpone, sour cream and blueberry compote – a dessert that gets the Nordic gods to sing “There is a lovely country”

The sweet and wellknown nut cake with Filo pastry

Ask for type. Per ball

Traditional Greek orange cake


In Greece, it is popular with either Espresso, ”Sketo” (black), ice-coffee (Frappé) or Greek coffee. We offer them all in addition to Cappuccino, Coffee latte and Irish Coffee. Our coffee is freshly burned and grated and is carefully selected under special ethical and quality criteria.

We have a large selection of Greek, Italian, French and South African wines – for everyones taste sweet or dry. Red, white, rosé, Retsina and sparkling. And also non alcoholic.

Glass: 55,-Half Bottle: 130,-Whole bottle: 245,-

The draft beer is: Flying Cloud (Indian Pale Ale) and Pilsner Classic from Nørrebro Bryghus. And of course greek beer on bottles: Fix as pils or dark, Mythos, Nissos, Septem and Volkan from Santorini. You can also have non alcoholic beer as well.
Draught beer: 30cl/50 clPilsner from Nørre Bryghus 40/55,-Flying Cloud, IPA 45/60,-Classic from Nørrebro Bryghus 45/60,-Beer on bottle, 33 cl (greek):Mythos 40,-Septem – Greek Pale Ale beer from the island Evia 45,-Volkan Blonde 45,-Volkan White 45,-Volkan Black 45,-
Beer on bottle, 50 cl (greek):Fix pilsner 55,-Mythos 55,-Nissos from the island Tinos 60,-

Aperol, Metaxa (greek brandy), Ouzo, Tsipouro, Tsikoudia, Whisky, Gin, Sambuca and portwine.Liquor, 3 cl: 35,-Husapotek, 2-3 cl: 35,-

Underberg, Gammel Dansk, Enkelt, Blå Gajol and Arn Bitter.